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Weekend getaway! It sounds like a spontaneous mini-vacay, but this whole trip was actually centered around getting some work done on the truck. Again, I am just sharing my experience and am not receiving compensation for any links or recommendations here.

We convoyed down to Ventura in the afternoon with Sophie the Navigator riding with me and Bee following in the truck. Thirty minutes into my drive, I updated Bee on an accident over the Grapevine before he left the RV. Hydration is important to me, but it makes road trips all the more exciting. Where is the next rest stop that isn’t also the scene of a serial killer documentary? If I stop at this restaurant, it’s only polite to buy a chocolate milkshake, right? Sophie just needs a few blades of grass for a quick potty stop. She doesn’t have to buy anything since she’s adorable. While I was following the unwritten rules of the roving full bladder, Bee passed me on the road and beat me to the hotel. I’m sure it had everything to do with my stop and nothing to do with his excessive speeds. Picture Sophie winking knowingly.

San Buenaventura State Beach Park

Once we checked into our room, we walked straight down to the beach at San Buenaventrua State Beach. As we got closer to the grassy sand dunes, we happened upon a group of nude beach bunnies. They seemed very confident as they frolicked together on the grass. Sophie chased them and they hopped into the underbrush, only to peek back out as soon as we passed. Despite the stormy weather, we managed to visit in between cloudbursts and have the entire beach to ourselves. In warmer weather, this beach will often be crowded with some urban campers or mentally unstable individuals. Just stay aware of your surroundings, which is always good advice in our current face-in-phone society. I snapped a few sneaky photos of Bee over my shoulder. Bee was sporting a coat with his flip-flops in true California fashion.

Beach Bunnies
Beach Trail
Such Excitement!

Sophie loves to run along the beach and rub her face in the sand. We call it “derping” with her butt in the air and sand all over her face. She loves to explore tide stranded seaweed, chase seagulls, and explore the beach as if her real name was Indiana Bones. No stone unsniffed! Mysteries of the ocean uncovered! The sand and surf are beautiful and calming, as long as you don’t misjudge an incoming wave and get soaked up to your knees. Sophie runs while I just laugh and slog back to higher ground.

The Marriott hotel in Ventura has been beautifully renovated and is still undergoing a bit of construction. Our room came with a full-sized couch, immediately claimed by Sophie, and a king-sized bed. The bathroom was a beauty. The massive tile shower had a combination rain shower head and wall-mounted wand that could be used individually or together. The Thann aromatic hotel soap added to the spa feeling and I vowed to become a mermaid and live in that shower. 

Pruning skin finally sent me to dry out and we went to visit Ariel, Scuba Steve, and their kiddos. They have adopted an ancient dog named BoPeep who looks like a small sheep. She coughs like a Pall Mall smoking grandma on her way to bingo trying to remember if she took her heart meds with her morning shot of whiskey. Sophie tries to get her to play, but this antique doggo will have none of that nonsense. Luckily, the boys got out their indoor hockey gear so Sophie could chase the puck around the dining room. Sophie dives like Ovechkin trying to stop the puck from going under the sideboard. Hilariously, she usually follows it under with her little chicken legs sticking out behind her and wookiee growls all the way. 

BoPeep and Sophie

Finally, we called it a night and stopped by the hotel bar before returning to our room. The bar is situated in an open area that seemed pretty empty for a Monday night. Not wanting to violate any health codes, I sat Sophie on my lap away from the bar and enjoyed a few selfies. I kept hearing that line from Sweet Home Alabama, “You’ve got a baby! In a bar!” except I could hear Reece Witherspoon saying puppy instead of baby. After a few drinks and a tour around the hotel Koi pond, everyone was ready for bed. Despite the loveliness of the entire hotel room, the pillows on the bed were so flat, your head would hit the mattress before you could close your eyes. I’ll be packing a travel pillow next time to fully enjoy our next stay. This hotel does earn bonus points for having an In N Out restaurant right down the street. Beach and Burgers! 

The next morning, we picked up our truck and said goodbye to the beach until next time. If you’re heading to the Ventura area, I recommend a visit to San BuenaVentura State Park on a rainy day. Safe Travels, my friends!

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